Kindermusik Enrollment

Our studio is currently closed an not currently enrolling students.

We calculated the total of 39 classes per year, 3-5 sets of home materials (depending on which Level you are in), and class supplies for a year and divided that total into TWELVE family-friendly monthly installments:

  • $78 per month for one child (Young Child/Levels 4-5 is $84)
  • After the first installment, Sibling Discounts:
    • 2nd child enrolled - 10% discount
    • 3rd child enrolled - 50% discount
    • 4th child enrolled - 75% discount
  • FREE sibling childcare during Foundations, Level 1 and 2 classes - temporarily unavailable
  • "Welcome to the World" present for younger siblings (birth to 4 months) of currently enrolled families: FREE tuition ($56/month value) for a Foundations or  Level 1 class. Pay only $22 per month for materials

The monthly installment is the same regardless of the number of classes in any given month. Most months will have 3 to 4 classes. Occasionally, a month may have 2 or 5 classes.

Enroll Anytime

At Kat's Musik we have easy family-friendly automatic monthly payments with no registration fee or contract.

Every enrollment includes:

  • Membership in the World’s Premier Music and Movement Program
  • Weekly developmentally appropriate classes
  • Exceptional classroom experience taught by a Kindermusik licensed teacher
  • Outstanding home materials with each new curriculum theme
  • Helpful and relevant parent resources and tips
  • Flexible make up classes
  • Field trips and enrichment activities
  • Onesie/T-shirts
  • Celebration classes
  • Pictures of you and your child having fun in class
  • Research based curriculum and classroom procedures
  • Birthday present for your child
  • Option to have a Kat's Musik Birthday Party - Temporarily suspended
  • Use of playroom for anytime studio is open - Temporarily suspended
  • Unlimited Attendance in Foundations and Level 1

With easy family-friendly monthly installments, you can enroll anytime! Kat’s Musik provides the flexibility to change classes when nap schedules change or move to the next Level when your child is ready. Research has shown that long-term enrollment produces the best developmental results for your child, so we hope your family stays with us through Level 5. However, we understand that life happens. Especially with children! So, there is no-hassle withdrawal after the first three installments. Just complete the withdrawal form before the 20th of your second month. The first three installments cover home materials and 8 classes. We want your family to stay only if you are completely satisfied. If you don’t love it, you can stop after the 3rd installment. Home Materials are paid for over time, so families enrolling or withdrawing in the middle of a unit may have an extra charge to cover the full cost or home materials.

Come try Kindermusik with Kat's Musik.
We look forward to sharing in your lives and enhancing your children's development with music.

Unlimited Flexible Kindermusik Makeups

You can makeup after your missed class or even in advance of a known conflict. You can makeup with your enrolled child or use your makeup as an opportunity to bring a non-enrolled sibling to their own Level class. As long as your family is actively enrolled, there is no expiration or timeline, nor are there limits to which of your children you can bring. We also have 3 reschedule weeks built in to the schedule.

Fees are not prorated or refundable for missed classes.
Families enrolling or withdrawing in the middle of a unit may incur a charge to cover the full cost of materials.