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Join us for Summer Adventures! June 17-August 17. Do your 8-9 classes whenever you want.

Kat’s Kalendar


Classes are ongoing year-round. Exceptions are listed below.

Jan 14 Classes Resume
February 9&10 (Sat&Sun) Father/Daughter/Son Playdates for Levels 1 & 2 (Village & Our Time)
Feb 14&15 (Th or Fri 12:30pm) Levels 3-4-5 (IT!/YC) FW Symphony KinderConcert
March 11-16 Spring Break
April 29-May 4  Break
Saturday, May 11, 4:30-7:00 Spring Family Celebration at Pickering Park in GV
May TDB (Th or Fri) 4:30-6:00pm Level 3 (Imagine That!) Field Trip to Southlake Town Square
May 13-18 Make Up Week/Levels 4-5 (Young Child) classes meet as usual
May 16 (3rd Thursday) 7-9:00pm Mom’s Night Out at Sunshine Glaze https://www.sunshineglaze.com
May 18 (Sat) 3:30-5:00pm Level 4 (Young Child 1st yr) Family Sing & Celebration!
May 20 (Mon) 4:30-6:30pm Level 5 (Young Child 2nd yr) GRADUATION
May 27-June 16 Break - Mr & Ms Kat perform w/Longhorn Alumni Band at 75th Anniv Ceremonies of D-Day in France
June 15 (Sat) Father’s Day Daddy Time (Level 1-3)
June 17 Classes Resume
June 17 - August 17 Summer Adventures! Break July 4-10 (Thursday - Wednesday)
June 20, July 18,  August 15 (3rd Thursday) Mom’s Night Out
Summer TBD Levels 1-2 Special Class at FW ZOO
August 19-24 Make Up Week
Sept 9 Classes Resume (Levels 1-3)
Sept 17 Young Child Classes Resume (Levels 4-5)

There are 39 classes (30 during the school year, 9 in summer). The TOTAL cost for tuition AND home materials is divided into 12 family-friendly monthly installments. The monthly installments are 12 equal partial payments, incorporating some tuition and materials’ cost, and are the same regardless of the number of classes in any given month. Most months will have 3 to 4 classes. Occasionally, a month will have 2 or 5 classes. Fees are not prorated or refunded for missed classes, and we can only hold your place in class if you are enrolled.
Home Materials are paid for over time, so families enrolling or withdrawing in the middle of a unit may have an extra payment to cover full cost of home materials.
Level 1 families receive Unlimited Attendance. For Levels 2-3, we offer...Unlimited Flexible Makeups You can makeup after your missed class or in advance of a known conflict. You can makeup with your enrolled child or use your makeup to bring a non-enrolled sibling. As long as your family is enrolled, there is no expiration timeline. We also have 3 make up weeks built in to the schedule. We need to ensure there are supplies for everyone, so before coming to a make up, check the online schedule at http://katsmusik.com/weekly-class-schedule/, and then send an email to let us know you are coming: MsKat@KatsMusik.com