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Meet Miss Lauren

My musical journey began early on with my mother singing me to sleep each night while I “cooed” right along.  I started on violin in 4th grade, added trumpet in 5th grade, and then switched to French horn a year later.  I continued to play all the way through my bachelor’s degree in Music Business from West Texas A&M University.  I also became a Texas certified teacher – all level music and art. 

I taught elementary music and art for nearly ten years and loved my job.  I was the teacher at my school that got to sing, dance, play, paint, and have fun while earning a paycheck!  But with the arrival of my first baby, I reluctantly resigned from my teaching position and became a stay at home mom.  I don’t regret my decision, not even for a minute!  But, I do miss being a “recognized professional”, and when Ms. Kat asked me if I would be interested in becoming a Kindermusik teacher, there wasn’t even a single moment of hesitation!  I can still be a stay at home mom (for the most part!), share my love of music, and be a teacher again?!?  That’s a win-win!

I now have two beautiful babies.  My son, Jude, started Kindermusik just after his first birthday, and we’ve been hooked ever since.  Mara started Kindermusik when she was just 2 months old because that’s the earliest I felt able to wrangle both kids out into the world by myself!  I love the precious time spent one on one with my children; I love the camaraderie and support from other parents and the relationships that evolve out of our classes; and I simply adore hearing my two year old son singing songs from class at home, in the grocery store, and the car!