Kathleen Wayland (Kat!) has enjoyed the magic of music all her life. Her parents began sharing music with her before she could walk, giving her the best start in life. Having developed a lifelong love of music, Kathleen played the piano, played percussion in band, and sang in choirs all the way through college where she received her Bachelor of Music from the University of Texas in Austin. Kathleen has taught band, choir, orchestra, and elementary music for 15 years in public school and at her church.

img_1885After the arrival of her son, Kathleen searched for a program to help her share her love of music with her baby. Kindermusik surprised Kathleen by not only providing excellent musical experiences, but also special bonding time and high quality home materials and education about her son’s development in all areas. Recognizing the potential of the Kindermusik program, Kathleen became licensed to share this wonderful experience with other families and opened Kindermusik with Kat! in the Fall of 2003.

Ms. Kat has an incredible love for music and children and can’t wait to share with you the things Kindermusik has brought to her own family!

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