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Meet Ms Lara

I've always loved music. Some of my fondest childhood memories involve listening to music with my family--we always seemed to have the radio on or a CD playing as we went about our daily activities. My parents offered me piano lessons for years, but I always turned them down (more on that later). Still, I was what I like to call music-adjacent: I was in color guard in high school, marching alongside the band every Friday night at the football games.
I studied biochemistry in college, and went on to earn a doctorate in microbiology. Music stayed with me through school. I always had something playing while I studied or worked in the lab. By this time, I regretted not taking my parents up on those music lessons. I decided that once my life calmed down, I'd start learning how to play the piano.
It will probably come as no surprise, but life only got busier. I started teaching college, then I got married and had two children. I made the choice to trade the classroom for becoming a stay at home mom, and I began to wonder if I'd ever get to touch a piano.
I wanted to pass on my love and appreciation of music to my kids, but I didn't want to force them into something they wouldn't enjoy. Once I found Kindermusik, I knew it was perfect for my family. My children get to experience music in a developmentally appropriate way, and they're learning so much through play. I feel that our time with Kindermusik has helped to foster their connection to music, and is giving them a strong foundation that they can build on if they later opt to learn how to play an instrument. And if they don't? That's okay, too. They're making friends and having fun, and they know music touches us all.
And as for those lessons? I decided not to wait any longer. I started taking piano lessons at the ripe old age of <mumble mumble>. No one is ever going to confuse me with a professional, but I love getting to experience music 'from the inside'!
Lara Kingeter